About Us

The AdamAlexis® Story


In 2010 while on a family trip to Mexico, I came upon the most beautiful leather tote sitting in the window of a small boutique that carried an array of exquisite handicrafts that Mexican craftspeople are known for making.  Its rich turquoise tones were almost a reflection of the turquoise waters that provided the backdrop to the shining gems and other naturally sourced materials that graced the window.  For a whole week, I would steal away from my family to go stare at the deep carvings and intricate lace work of the hand-tooling until, finally, I gave in and bought my little piece of art.

Back home, strangers — men and women alike —would frequently stop me to ask where I had found my bag, a secret I wasn't prepared to share other than in generalities.  Then one day, it struck me that I did, indeed, want to share the incomparable beauty of the fine art of my bag that, rightly, should be considered no less worthy of appreciation than other fine types of art the world over.  After a year of searching and investigating, including working with the Mexican Embassy, I found the source of my joy in two tiny artisan factories (small houses, really) in an equally tiny artists’ colony in the middle of the country.

I have gone back there many times to visit the owners, both of whom employ members of a few families who, for generations, have honed the art of hand-tooling in the Mexican style, a skill that you will see reflected in the highest quality boots and saddlery commissioned by celebrities and other famous people who can afford the thousands of dollars to obtain these truly exquisite and unique products.   But, so that you don’t have to go to Mexico if you don't want to (although we highly recommend it), we have done the hard work for you and hope that you will appreciate and enjoy our handbags for their fine artistry and craftsmanship, brought to you, courtesy of AdamAlexis®.  Just as I have, I hope that you, too, will find supporting an age-old craft tradition to be a worthy venture, one that strives to preserve the livelihoods of modest people whose hard-earned skills face extinction at the hands of mass producers whose quest for cheap labor is the driving force behind the products that are but inferior imitations of the real thing, no matter how high their prices might be.


Latin American craftspeople create our exclusive handbags utilizing old-world craftsmanship and skills that have been passed down from one generation to the next. 


Our products are created using only natural, locally sourced materials such as vegetable dye and supple leather. Each bag is tooled, dyed, and stitched by hand into an object of lasting beauty. Our bags transcend both fashion and culture through the elegant integration of both form and function. 


Through collaboration with these artists, AdamAlexis® supports the economic well-being of local artisan communities. Every design is unique, incorporating the elements and motifs from the vibrant cultures of the artisans who create them. 


Our travels have taken us across the globe in search of unique, handcrafted leather goods. The cultures, histories, and landscapes of these countries and the compelling stories of the local artists and artisan communities have inspired us to share these beautifully crafted works of art with a wider audience. 


Our hope is that our products will not only enhance the lives of those who create them, but also the lives of those who wear them. Fusing fashion and culture expands horizons and builds an everlasting bridge between peoples and cultures.

Sharron Levine