Q: Are all your products made from genuine leather and how are they made?

A: Yes, all the bags and accessories that we carry are made from 100% leather sourced in Latin American countries (primarily Mexico at this point).  Our tooled collection is produced strictly by hand, one piece at a time, unlike most other handbag lines, and then dyed using vegetable dyes. Local artisan craftsmen and craftswomen, using centuries'-old traditions, take painstaking care to carve intricate patterns with elaborate detailing in the leather. Our soft-stitched collection is also 100% leather, all hand-cut, hand-stitched, and dyed with similar natural dyes. 

Unlike bags found in many more well-known, high-end lines that are mass-produced by cheaper labor in one country and then finished in a more exclusive-sounding location, each step in the manufacturing process of our handbags is done by a skilled artisan. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our business is web-based.

Q: Why are your handbags so competitively priced?

A: Our leather goods are priced affordably because we’ve eliminated the middleman by bringing our products to you directly. They are also well-priced especially when you consider the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Similarly- constructed bags are priced at three to four times our prices, if you can even find them in high-end retail stores. Many of those bags are also embossed by machine rather than tooled by hand, and are made in high quantities. Our leather goods are not mass-produced and each piece is unique since it is made by hand. Our handbags are also subject to the highest level of quality control at each phase of production with no compromise in their beauty or construction. 

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: We will take custom orders, which require a 50% deposit. Because of the handcrafting process, production time is estimated to be between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the item and quantity. Custom-made items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Q: Do we have to order on your website? 

A: Yes, although if you see an item on our website that is not available or out-of-stock, please call us at 301-332-7663 to inquire if an order can be placed. Sometimes we do have products that either have not yet been updated on our website, have extremely low inventory, or that may have been discontinued. We would be happy to take your order over the phone if we can.

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?

A: We accept on our website Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We can accept American Express also but for telephone orders only.

Q: How are the items shipped?

A: Purchased items are packed and shipped in secure packaging. We use FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, or if that is not available, another reputable courier service. You may request more expedited delivery, at your expense.